Production Operations: Well Completions, Workover, and Stimulation Volume 1. 2nd ed.

Thomas O. Allen  and
Alan P. Roberts





The second edition of Production Operations includes revisions and updating of many chapters in volumes 1 and 2. In volume 2, a new chapter entitled «Paraffin and Asphaltene Deposition, Removal, and Prevention» has been added. Major revisions have been made in the Corrosion chapter, with extensive technical  coverage of coatings and plastic pipe. Appendices covering Rock Mechanics and
Oil Field Polymers have been added to the Fracturing chapter. Because an ever  increasing number of universities and colleges in the world employ OGCl’s Production Operations books as basic texts in production operations, the second  edition includes additional clarification in major technical areas as well as required  technical updating.
Volumes 1 and 2 are the product of some sixteen years of conducting training  programs throughout the world for Industry groups, including engineers, managers, geologists, technicians, foremen, service company personnel, and others.


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